Zim42 Acoustic Grooves
Acoustic guitar, strongly played, backed by urban and percussive grooves. A cool mix of the natural sound of the guitar, and the more contemporary sound of the grooves.

01.Funk For Free2:33 (Acoustic, Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Upbeat)
02.Cool And Breezy3:04 (Acoustic, Urban, Hip Hop, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat, Jazzy, )
03.Feeling Alive2:53 (Acoustic, Pop, Driving, Happy, Motivational)
04.Motivate Me2:40 (Acoustic, Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
05.Rockin Robot2:49 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Driving, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
06.Just Another Day3:17 (Acoustic, Urban, Hip Hop, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat)
07.Urban Cowboy2:39 (Acoustic, Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, Motivational, Upbeat)
08.Step On Up2:49 (Acoustic, Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Moody)
09.Strum Along2:36 (Acoustic, Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Fun, Upbeat)
10.Folky Fun4:02 (Acoustic, Pop, Fun, Motivational, Upbeat)