Zim64 Amped Up 2
A collection of up tempo rock and pop/rock pieces for electric guitars, bass, drums and minimal keyboards. Played with the feel of a live band.

01.Positive Power2:28 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
02.Punk Patrol2:27 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
03.Jagged Edge2:34 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
04.Crazy Love2:02 (Rock, Driving, Motivational)
05.Right Direction2:22 (Pop, Rock, Upbeat)
06.Drive All Night2:51 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
07.Saturday2:25 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
08.Pile Driver2:17 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Upbeat)
09.Brutal Truth2:15 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
10.Stepping Out2:27 (Rock, Upbeat)