Zim06 Piano Works
A collection of piano rock and pop music with orchestral strings in accompaniment. Several of the cues are style studies of either specific contemporary songs or of a band or artist s general oeuvre.

01.Feel The Earth2:41 (Pop, Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun, Happy)
02.Pure Joy3:22 (Pop, Upbeat, Fun, Happy)
03.What a Groove3:42 (Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Happy)
04.Within You2:50 (Rock, Pop, Moody, Driving, Motivational, Evocative)
05.Strong Feelings3:37 (Pop, Motivational)
06.Dig In2:34 (Pop, Moody, Evocative)
07.No Love Songs3:29 (Rock, Pop, Upbeat, Fun, Happy)
08.Forward Motion3:06 (Rock, Pop, Moody, Driving, Motivational)
09.Drama2:58 (Rock, Pop, Driving, Motivational)
10.Viva La La2:31 (Rock, Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Motivational)
11.Pretty Tune3:48 (Pop, Pretty)
12.Prideful Moments2:17 (Rock, Pop, Moody, Motivational)
13.Straight Ahead2:37 (Rock, Pop, Motivational)