Zim37 Perfect Day 2
Pop/folk/soft rock music for acoustic guitars, piano, bass and drums. Real playing that has a live feel . Simple structures that make this collection perfect for background music. Moods range from upbeat and optimistic to flowing and pretty

01.Bright Afternoon2:28 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Happy, Pretty)
02.Wandering2:10 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Contemplative, Ethereal, Evocative, Moody, Pretty)
03.A Lovely Day2:10 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Fun, Happy, Pretty)
04.Frolic2:15 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Evocative, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat)
05.Great Times2:10 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Motivational, Upbeat)
06.Contentment2:27 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Contemplative, Evocative, Happy, Moody, Pretty)
07.Guitar Groove2:08 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Motivational, Upbeat)
08.Good Pace2:44 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Rock, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
09.Hangin2:15 (Acoustic, Commercial, Ads, Folk, Indie Folk, Contemplative, Evocative, Moody, Pretty, Whimsical)
10.Perfect Day 22:10 (Acoustic, Folk, Indie Folk, Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Happy, Motivational, Upbeat)