Zim35 Kinetic Energy 2
A companion set to Kinetic Energy (Zim17), with all new music tracks. Percussive and colorful music beds evoking images of science and medicine, communications and technology.

01.Statistical Analysis (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Dramatic, Upbeat)
02.Aggressive Nature (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving)
03.BioLogic (Corporate, Business, Film Score, New Age, Contemplative, Ethereal, Evocative)
04.Energize (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
05.Data Retrieval (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Evocative, Moody)
06.Future Visions (Corporate, Business, Film Score, Dramatic, Driving, Evocative, Motivational)
07.Life Force (Corporate, Business, New Age, Contemplative, Ethereal, Evocative, Moody)
08.Light Brigade (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
09.Humanology (Corporate, Business, Film Score, Ethereal, Evocative, Moody)
10.Kinetic Energy2 (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational)