Zim32 Time Passages
Percussive tracks evoking images of time, deadlines, working through problems, etc. Great for business and corporate videos as well as film/tv underscores.

01.Time Passages2:32 (Commercial, Ads, Evocative)
02.On Queue2:13 (Corporate, Business, Evocative, Moody)
03.Pulse2:21 (Corporate, Business, Driving)
04.Time Zones2:06 (Corporate, Business, Ethnic, World, Evocative, Moody)
05.Wait and See2:11 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Moody)
06.Think Tank2:14 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Moody)
07.Second by Second2:10 (Corporate, Business, Moody)
08.Work the Problem2:11 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Upbeat)
09.Turnaround Time2:11 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
10.Edge of Time2:07 (Corporate, Business, Evocative, Moody)