Zim04 The Basement Band
A collection of rock pieces for electric guitars, bass, and drums. No keyboards or synths. Nothing over the top heavy and nothing too light. Loosely played with the feel of a live band "working it out "in the basement or garage. Real emotions. Simple and straightforward arrangements and structures. Pieces range from moody and dark to energetic and fun.

01.Too Many Beers2:58 (Rock, Dramatic, Moody)
02.TGIF2:25 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving)
03.Its Getting Late2:52 (Rock, Dramatic, Moody, Driving)
04.This is Fun2:42 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving)
05.Long Lost Friend3:07 (Rock, Sad, Moody, Evocative, Pretty)
06.Dont Blink2:36 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving)
07.Seduction2:55 (Rock, Moody, Evocative)
08.Good To Be Young2:51 (Rock, Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
09.Its Classic3:02 (Rock, Moody)
10.Working It Out2:21 (Rock, Upbeat, Fun)
11.Not The Best Day3:06 (Rock, Sad, Moody, Evocative)
12.Turn It Up2:05 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
13.Long Days End2:53 (Rock, Sad, Moody, Evocative)
14.Improv2:49 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
15.Basement Band2:44 (Rock, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)