Zim47 Haunted Grooves
Spooky, eerie, dark, dirty, fuzzy, edgy and just plain fun, these haunted rock and urban grooves are just the thing when you need a menacing or monstery mood along with rhythmic intensity.

01.Haunted Groove2:39 (Film Score, Dramatic, Moody)
02.Zombie March2:18 (Film Score, Dramatic, Moody)
03.Freaky Funky2:20 (Film Score, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody, Whimsical)
04.They Are Here2:51 (Film Score, Dramatic, Evocative, Moody)
05.Robot Dreams2:34 (Film Score, Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
06.Demons2:28 (Film Score, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
07.Hammerhead2:17 (Film Score, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
08.Monster Sock Hop2:36 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
09.Vampire Vamp2:32 (Film Score, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
10.Dark Corners2:21 (Film Score, Dramatic, Moody)