Zim23 Simply Piano
Sometimes simple is best. These pieces for solo acoustic piano are not complex or complicated. They represent feelings and emotions that we can all relate to.

01.-Simple-Pleasures-2:22 (Acoustic, Pretty, Happy, )
02.-Simple-Joy-2:18 (Acoustic, Upbeat, Pretty, Happy, )
03.-Simply-Lonely-2:27 (Acoustic, Sad, Contemplative, )
04.-Simple-Sadness-2:31 (Acoustic, Sad, Contemplative, )
05.-Simply-Playful-2:24 (Acoustic, Fun, Whimsical, Happy, )
06.-Simply-Grateful-2:36 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative, )
07.-Simple-Living-2:21 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative, )
08.-Simple-Faith-2:26 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative, )
09.-Simple-Innocence-2:20 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative, )
10.-Simply-Flowing-2:58 (Acoustic, Fun, Pretty, )