Zim24 Synthology 1
What is old eventually becomes new again. Pop and rock music featuring both retro and contemporary electronic and synthesized sounds is hot . While composers, including myself, use the newest electronic tools to simulate real, acoustic instruments, electro and synth pop/rock music seeks to emphasize an obvious synthy sound.

01.Electro3:09 (Pop, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Evocative, Moody)
02.Analog Express2:23 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
03.Pop Til You Drop2:58 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Driving, Fun, Upbeat, Whimsical)
04.Synthology2:03 (Pop, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
05.Waves of Rain2:30 (Corporate, Business, Pop, Contemplative, Evocative, Moody, Pretty)
06.Granular Visions2:30 (Pop, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
07.Move to the Groove2:20 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Rock, Driving, Fun, Happy, Upbeat)
08.Dream Boat2:06 (Pop, Dramatic, Evocative, Moody)
09.Neon Nights2:41 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Upbeat)
10.Its Synthfully Good2:33 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Driving, Fun, Happy, Upbeat, Whimsical)