Zim63 Amped Up
A collection of mid and up tempo rock and pop/rock pieces for electric guitars, bass, drums and minimal keyboards. Played with the feel of a live band. Simple and straightforward arrangements and structures.

01.Lift Me Up2:29 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
02.On Fire2:26 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
03.Running Rampant2:01 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody, Upbeat)
04.Station Master2:49 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
05.Punch It2:22 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)
06.Friday Night2:26 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Happy, Upbeat)
07.Restless Spirit2:50 (Rock, Sixties, Dramatic, Driving, Upbeat)
08.Gritty2:18 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Upbeat)
09.Night Moves2:48 (Film Score, Pop, Rock, Dramatic, Evocative, Moody)
10.Amped Up2:08 (Rock, Driving, Upbeat)