Zim05 Beauty and the Beat
A collection of groove oriented pieces. But no electic bass, guitar or electronic keyboards. Instead there is cello, viola, violin, oboe, english horn, acoustic piano and some pads. Moods range from evocative and haunting to playful, hip, and funky.

01.Mystique2:33 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Evocative)
02.Shadowland2:54 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Evocative)
03.The Process3:03 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Evocative)
04.New Kid in Town2:41 (Urban, Hip Hop, Fun, Whimsical)
05.Poem2:24 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Evocative)
06.Quartet2:50 (Urban, Hip Hop, Fun, Whimsical, Pretty)
07.Eastern Thought2:42 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Upbeat, Evocative)
08.Dance Floor3:17 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Driving, Evocative)
09.Neverending Tale3:08 (Urban, Hip Hop, Moody, Whimsical, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty)
10.Trance3:04 (Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Moody, Evocative)
11.Cello Dance2:21 (Urban, Hip Hop, Upbeat, Fun, Evocative)
12.Swing Town2:35 (Urban, Hip Hop, Upbeat, Fun)