Zim14 Business World
A collection of music that is masculine, assertive, driving, no-nonsense and businesslike. Music that reflects the will to succeed: corporate strength, global aspirations, national pride, hard work and visionary thinking

01.Leadership2:28 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational)
02.Deadlines2:43 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Evocative)
03.New Century2:42 (Corporate, Business, Commercial, Ads, Motivational, Evocative)
04.Business World2:46 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational)
05.Forward Thinking2:18 (Corporate, Business, Upbeat, Driving)
06.Job Well Done3:08 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Upbeat, Driving, Motivational)
07.Momentum2:14 (Corporate, Business, Upbeat, Driving, Motivational)
08.Global Economy3:02 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Upbeat, Driving, Motivational)
09.Military Contract2:16 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational)
10.Tough Choices2:25 (Corporate, Business, Dramatic, Moody)