Zim10 World View
Music with a global feel, but not overly ethnic. Worldly music without being “world music”. International without an obvious or absolute sense of place. These versatile tracks are driven by percussion and rhythms that are global in nature, accompanied by a variety of acoustic instruments from around the world including a beautiful African guitar.

01.-Global-Village-2:58 (Ethnic, World, Pretty, Upbeat, Driving, Ethereal, )
02.-Folk-Tradition-3:07 (Ethnic, World, Whimsical, Ethereal, Evocative, )
03.-Many-Countries-2:46 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Driving, )
04.-World-View-2:55 (Ethnic, World, Pretty, Ethereal, Pretty, )
05.-Global-Hymn-3:24 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Evocative, Pretty, )
06.-Traveling-Abroad-2:22 (Ethnic, World, Moody, Upbeat, Driving, )
07.-Person-to-Person-3:06 (Ethnic, World, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty, )
08.-The-Human-Condition-2:50 (Ethnic, World, Moody, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty, )
09.-Joyful-Noise-2:29 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Fun, Happy, )
10.-The-earth-Sings-3:01 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Ethereal, )
11.-Ritual-2:06 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Driving, Evocative, )
12.-Earth-Dance-2:21 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Evocative, Pretty, )