Info and Fees

I want to sincerely thank you for your interest in this music. Here are some things you should know about the library. ZimMusic- a division of Sound Productions LLC,  is a small-but growing library composed  by Bruce H. Zimmerman, an Emmy Award winning composer. You can expect a new set of cues to be added to this library once a month or so.

You can sample any 30" cue without registering or logging in, but to download music you will have to create a username and password, which will give you access to all the downloadable files.

Because I am the composer of this music,  this affords you a great opportunity- upon your request I can revise, expand and create variations for any piece in the collection. In fact, you could use one of the pieces as a springboard for a custom music score. Of course that would change the pricing, but I offer it as an option anyway.

Speaking of pricing, I want this library to be as flexible as possible. The initial price point is $75.00 for a royalty free license, but this is just a default number, and one of the ways I keep the site on a more personal level is to allow fluctuation in the price by coming up with fees that work for each client. I understand that some perspective clients might be used to a much lower price point and I am willing to try to work out a fee structure that works for everyone.

The license type for the cue is also flexible and is determined by the negotiated fee-  larger fees come with a lifetime royalty free license while smaller fees result in a one-time sync license.

There is also flexibility in pricing if multiple cues are needed....If for instance you have a project where you want to use several pieces of music, we would come up with a project rate that suits your budget.

I also offer 1 year, multi year and lifetime buy out licenses. Please contact me for more information about these packages.

Also, if you happen to use any piece of music in a situation where the music would be surveyed by ASCAP, (mainly broadcast and film) I would ask you to make sure you fill out and submit a cue sheet.

Use the Contact Us Page info to get in touch with me, either by phone or email.
Once you have chosen and downloaded your music and we have agreed on a price, I will send you an invoice.

That's it! I hope you find something in the collection that suits your needs.