Zim11 Summer of Love
Cues inspired by the pop and psychedelic music of the mid to late sixties. Cues in the style of many of the bands from that time period including several Beatles inspired tracks. Nostalgic yes, but also joyous, colorful and full of life. Turn on the black light and enjoy!

01.A Fab Ride3:03 (Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
02.I Smell Incense3:08 (Sixties, Upbeat, Fun, Whimsical)
03.Summer of Love2:02 (Sixties, Fun, Whimsical, Happy)
04.Flower Power2:24 (Sixties, Whimsical, Ethereal, Pretty)
05.Tangerine Tune1:59 (Sixties, Moody, Whimsical, Evocative)
06.A Time to Love2:34 (Sixties, Upbeat, Fun, Happy)
07.What a Trip3:10 (Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
08.Let Us Be Prudent2:38 (Sixties, Moody, Whimsical, Ethereal)
09.Daddy At the Door3:17 (Sixties, Upbeat, Fun)
10.People Are People2:50 (Rock, Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)