Why is ZimMusic different than all the other music libraries?
ZimMusic is unique in that all the music is composed by Bruce H. Zimmerman, a film and video composer with over 20 years experience. As a custom music composer Bruce can be reached at soundproductionsmusic.com

So what...Why does it matter who writes the music?
There are several advantages in having a music library with one main composer. Most importantly, Bruce will customize any cue for you. He can change a cue to be longer, shorter, or just different. He can even write custom cues based on a library cue. The whole experience is much more personal than a bigger music library.

How much does it cost?
The ZimMusic library can either be used as a needle drop or buy out library. In fact, there are 3 different buy out options. Check out the info page for more pricing details.

What kind of music is in this library?
The ZimMusic library contains a variety of music styles including pop, rock, folk, indie, new age, acoustic, classical, film score, dramatic, funny, and more. Use the search engine to find specific kinds of cues.

Does this library use any synthesizers? Don't they sound phony?
ZimMusic uses high end samples and sound libraries and when appropriate, real players to create the cues. They only sound "synthy" when the style dictates a retro type sound.