Zim132 Chugalug
A collection of grinding, slow to mid tempo rock pieces for electric guitar, bass and drums. Played with the feel of a live band. Riff filled but no outright solos, so cues will sit nicely in a mix.

01.Chugalug 2:21 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody, Motivational)
02.Grinder 2:19 (Rock, Dark, Moody, )
03.Sludge Muffin 2:12 (Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
04.Sweat Hog 2:13 (Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, )
05.Slow Dance 2:16 (Pop, Rock, Motivational, Pretty, )
06.Pick Me Upper 2:35 (Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Motivational, Upbeat)
07.In The Muck 2:18 (Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, )
08.Easy Does It 2:21 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Fun, Happy, Motivational, )
09.Little Dramas 2:24 (Drama, Film Score, Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, )
10.Swamp Thang 2:20 (Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, )