Zim36 Lighter Moments
These cues reflect the lighter side of life. Subtle, sly, bouncey and fun.

01.Heavenly Housewives2:16 (Film Score, Orchestral, Fun, Whimsical)
02.Walk the Dog2:26 (Commercial, Ads, Film Score, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
03.Cat and Mouse2:33 (Film Score, Orchestral, Pretty, Whimsical)
04.Swagger2:07 (Acoustic, Commercial, Ads, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
05.Romantic Comedy2:08 (Film Score, Orchestral, Driving, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
06.Lighter Moments2:40 (Film Score, Orchestral, Fun, Whimsical)
07.Cutsie Pie2:20 (Film Score, Orchestral, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Whimsical)
08.Mallet Music2:10 (Commercial, Ads, Film Score, Orchestral, Happy, Pretty, Whimsical)
09.Swingin Sally2:19 (Acoustic, Commercial, Ads, Whimsical)
10.Light and Easy2:06 (Commercial, Ads, Film Score, Orchestral, Happy, Whimsical)