Zim23 Simply Piano
Sometimes simple is best. These pieces for solo acoustic piano are not complex or complicated. They represent feelings and emotions that we can all relate to.

01.Simple Pleasures2:22 (Acoustic, Pretty, Happy)
02.Simple Joy2:18 (Acoustic, Upbeat, Pretty, Happy)
03.Simply Lonely2:27 (Acoustic, Sad, Contemplative)
04.Simple Sadness2:31 (Acoustic, Sad, Contemplative)
05.Simply Playful2:24 (Acoustic, Fun, Whimsical, Happy)
06.Simply Grateful2:36 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative)
07.Simple Living2:21 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative)
08.Simple Faith2:26 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative)
09.Simple Innocence2:20 (Acoustic, Pretty, Contemplative)
10.Simply Flowing2:58 (Acoustic, Fun, Pretty)