Zim20 Happy Happy
These pop/rock cues are all about feeling happy, or silly or just plain content. Both contemporary and retro styles combine for a bright and cheerful fun fest.

01.Happy Happy2:57 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Fun, Happy, Upbeat)
02.Perfect Mate2:30 (Acoustic, Pop, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat)
03.Clam Bake3:16 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Fun, Happy, Upbeat, Whimsical)
04.Cant Help But Smile2:56 (Pop, Rock, Driving, Fun, Happy)
05.Stroll in the Park2:06 (Acoustic, Commercial, Ads, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Whimsical)
06.Silly Strut2:15 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Fun, Happy, Whimsical)
07.Sweetie Pie2:23 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Ethereal, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Whimsical)
08.Have a Nice Day2:25 (Pop, Fun, Happy, Upbeat)
09.Daydream2:26 (Acoustic, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Evocative, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat)
10.Squarely Hip3:12 (Pop, Happy, Upbeat, Whimsical)