Zim07 Pop Nation
A very cheery-berry, cheerful and perky collection of pop music cues with a hint of bubblegum and a dash of the sixties. Crisp and clear guitars and keyboards with no drum loops.

01.IPod Playin3:16 (Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Fun, Happy)
02.The Mall1:55 (Pop, Rock, Upbeat, Driving)
03.Sweetness2:23 (Pop, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty)
04.Good Feeling1:59 (Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Fun, Happy)
05.Bubblegum Alley2:35 (Pop, Upbeat, Ethereal, Happy)
06.Happy Song3:02 (Pop, Whimsical, Ethereal, Happy)
07.Lava Lamp Luau2:54 (Sixties, Driving, Fun)
08.Faith and Love2:15 (Pop, Moody, Evocative, Pretty)
09.Jugheads Theme2:13 (Pop, Fun, Whimsical, Happy)
10.Fun Filled Day3:09 (Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Fun, Happy)