Zim16 Chill Pill
Atmospheric pop/rock music for acoustic piano, electric guitars, bass, drums and ambient pads. This is not soft rock but rather pop/rock with a soft edge. Simple structures and no stand out soloing make this collection perfect for background music tracks.

01.Longing2:22 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Upbeat, Evocative)
02.Chill Pill2:22 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Upbeat, Driving, Evocative)
03.Truth3:11 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Driving, Motivational, Evocative)
04.Space Opera3:16 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Moody, Driving, Evocative)
05.Solemn Promise2:36 (Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Moody, Motivational, Evocative, Driving)
06.Head Shop2:38 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Sixties, Upbeat, Driving, Fun)
07.Teen Dream2:39 (Commercial, Ads, Pop, Sixties, Fun, Happy, Pretty, Upbeat)
08.Another Chill Pill2:43 (Rock, Commercial, Ads, Pop, Moody, Driving, Evocative)
09.Strong Like Bull2:37 (Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Motivational, Evocative)
10.Big Dreams2:28 (Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Moody, Driving, Motivational, Evocative)