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Zim172 String Theory B
05.String Drama Unfolds B (no drums) 2:40 (Drama, Film Score, Orchestral, Dark, Dramatic, Driving, Energetic, Moody, Motivational, )

Zim171 String Theory
05.String Drama Unfolds A 2:39 (Drama, Film Score, Pop, Urban, Dramatic, Driving, Moody, Motivational, Positive, )

Zim143 Goodness Gracious me
02.Dramas 2:46 (Commercial, Ads, Drama, Film Score, Orchestral, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, Quirky, Whimsical, )

Zim132 Chugalug
09.Little Dramas 2:24 (Drama, Film Score, Rock, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, )

Zim127 Grooved Strings
06.String Drama 2:08 (Classical, Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Film Score, Orchestral, Dark, Dramatic, Driving, Evocative, Moody, )

Zim113 Tensionitis
02.Drama Of The Day 2:22 (Drama, Film Score, Orchestral, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, Sad, )

Zim93 Tension Mounts
08.Dramatic Unfolding 2:42 (Drama, Film Score, Horror, Dark, Dramatic, Moody, Scary, )

Zim92 Strings In Motion
03.Dramatic Outburst 2:24 (Commercial, Ads, Corporate, Business, Drama, Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Driving, Moody, Upbeat, )

Zim68 Drama Queen
01.Espionage2:03 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
02.Tension Building2:06 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
03.Conflicting Interests2:01 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)
04.Time Is Up2:17 (Film Score, Dramatic, Moody)
05.Serious Situation2:03 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
06.Quiet Drama2:28 (Acoustic, Film Score, Dramatic, Moody)
07.Dark Times2:07 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
08.Anticipation2:34 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
09.Political Intrigue2:17 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)
10.Dramatic Queen2:16 (Film Score, Orchestral, Dramatic, Moody)

Zim59 Bang On A Drum
04.Middle Earth Drama2:08 (Corporate, Business, Film Score, Dramatic, Driving)

Zim54 Drive The Nail
03.Drama Unfolding2:11 (Film Score, Rock, Dramatic, Driving, Moody)

Zim06 Piano Works
09.Drama2:58 (Rock, Pop, Driving, Motivational)