Zim26 Urban Landscapes 2
A companion set to Zim 22. Less moody and atmospheric and more fun, funky, jazzy and loose, while still being built around urban beats. Perfect for music transitions, set-ups and background tracks.

01.Party Hardy2:06 (Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Fun, Upbeat)
02.Get Down2:06 (Urban, Hip Hop, Evocative, Moody)
03.Walk and Talk2:32 (Urban, Hip Hop, Happy, Upbeat)
04.Gothic2:46 (Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Moody)
05.Mr. McCool2:08 (Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Moody)
06.Funky Day2:10 (Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Fun, Upbeat)
07.Uptown2:15 (Urban, Hip Hop, Driving, Upbeat)
08.Down and Dirty2:33 (Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic)
09.In The Pocket2:23 (Urban, Hip Hop, Driving)
10.Sneaking Around2:14 (Urban, Hip Hop, Dramatic, Whimsical)