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Welcome to the ZimMusic Production Music Library-a division of Sound Productions LLC

I want to personally thank you for visiting the ZimMusic music production library. I have been composing music for this library since 2009, and I am very proud of the quality and versatility of the music.

ZimMusic is comprised of music cues in a wide variety of styles: rock, folk, pop, urban, orchestral, film score and drama/tension, solo acoustic, world/ethnic, corporate/business, ambient, new age and more.

Music from this collection has been used in many places, including The History Channel, MTV, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, Saturday Night Live, Biography, National Geographic, Country Music Television, Dateline NBC, Nature, The Learning Channel, and in dozens of web based, corporate, commercial, educational and documentary productions.

This is a very easy music production library to use, with flexible licensing and usage options. Please visit the info and fees page to learn more about how it all works. On the catalog and search page you will find a very simple search engine that will help you locate the appropriate music for your project.

You DO NOT need to register or log in to search and sample the music on this website. But you DO need to register with a password and username so you can log in and download music files.

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Newest Releases

Zim166 Spirit Of Rock - 3/2/2019: A collection of driving and assertive rock and pop/rock pieces for electric guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. Played with the feel of a live band. No soloing so the music will sit nicely in a mix.

Zim165 Guitar Landscapes 6B - 2/1/2019: Electric and processed guitars create moods ranging from optimism and joy to introspection and serenity. Accompanied by just bass and drums. These ALT mixes of the cues from Zim164 remove the strummed acoustic guitar parts.