Zim10 World View
Music with a global feel, but not overly ethnic. Worldly music without being world music . International without an obvious or absolute sense of place. These versatile tracks are driven by percussion and rhythms that are global in nature,accompanied by a variety of acoustic instruments from around the world including a beautiful African guitar.

01.Global Village2:58 (Ethnic, World, Pretty, Upbeat, Driving, Ethereal)
02.Folk Tradition3:07 (Ethnic, World, Whimsical, Ethereal, Evocative)
03.Many Countries2:46 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Driving)
04.World View2:55 (Ethnic, World, Pretty, Ethereal, Pretty)
05.Global Hymn3:24 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Evocative, Pretty)
06.Traveling Abroad2:22 (Ethnic, World, Moody, Upbeat, Driving)
07.Person to Person3:06 (Ethnic, World, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty)
08.The Human Condition2:50 (Ethnic, World, Moody, Ethereal, Evocative, Pretty)
09.Joyful Noise2:29 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Fun, Happy)
10.The earth Sings3:01 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Ethereal)
11.Ritual2:06 (Ethnic, World, Upbeat, Driving, Evocative)
12.Earth Dance2:21 (Ethnic, World, Motivational, Evocative, Pretty)